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The Finish Line Ambassadors put a focus on creativity, community, inclusivity, and fun. Our goal is to share the joy and excitement that the bicycle makes possible to cyclists at every level. Whether crushing massive days in the saddle, ripping downhill segments, or just hanging out, you can rest assured they are driven by an insatiable passion for cycling and for our Bakersfield community. We’re excited to show a different side of cycling and hope you enjoy their fun and inspiring projects!


She is an enthusiastic cyclist with an inspiring and indomitable spirit. She currently participates in our women's group rides, and has started leading a  co-ed group ride for beginning road cyclists every Sunday morning at 7:00 A.M. at the Finish Line parking lot.  Darlene can be found faithfully riding her Giant TCR.

Darlene is always pushing herself to improve, to climb, and to reach new levels. The bike path is her second home. We are so excited to have someone who loves to be outside cycling and seeking adventure!


James is a talented cyclist with an unshakable mental fortitude. His uncanny gift for sprinting places him on top of podiums, and we look forward to his performance in any race he enters. James has chosen Look's 795 Blade RS ProTeam to carry him from training to the finish.

James is hungry and always seeking the competitive advantage. It's special to find a competitor who is level-headed and can turn any negative situation into fuel to improve. This man is coooold. You'll often find him on a group ride setting off from Finish Line, Saturday mornings.


A Bakersfield native, CSUB Alumn, science teacher, and father of a dope baby boy, Richard has an unabated need to be outdoors. 

Richard has 10 years of experience riding in the foothills of Bakersfield, and like any devotee of the sport, he loves introducing new people to the trails and to the intricacies of the sport.

He leads group rides every Sunday out to Hart Park from Dr. Juliet Thorner Elementary School's parking lot.