Mavic Wintech USB Ultimate Computer

Mavic Wintech USB Ultimate Computer
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Mavic's Wintech USB Ultimate Computer goes right from your bike to your PC so you can analyze your day's ride. While on the bike, it shows your preferred data with a big, easy-to-read display. Then, when you get home, pop it into your PC and download your heart rate graph, elevation, distance, all your statistics, right there. From there, you can customize the screen to show what data you want to see, plot your progression and develop/follow a training plan. The Wintech is all about convenience. You can use it on 2 different bikes and a home trainer, and it automatically detects the sensor and associated bike. The battery is easily replaced, you can mount the Wintech to your bars or stem, and you get your choice of speed/cadence sensors (sold separately).

Current speed (km/h or m/h)
Average speed
Maximum speed
Tendency indicator
Daily distance (km or m)
Total accumulated distance
Total accumulated distance by bike (1, 2 and Home Trainer)
Automatic stopwatch
Up to 9 lap times
Current altitude (m or ft)
Maximum and minimum ride altitude
Actual cumulated vertical gain
Climbing speed
Slope (in %)
Home altitude memory
Instant heart rate (in BPM or % of FC max)
Average heart rate
Maximum heart rate
Programmable workzone

Part Numbers

801634712426 10762701 ACCP0117